I’ve covered gaming for over a decade now. When Microsoft first got into consoles, the promise Bill Gates made was to make the Xbox more like a PC. Then he left the company and the closest to a PC the Xbox ever got was including Internet Explorer. And that failed miserably.

That may finally be changing with the Xbox Series consoles. After the price leaked last night, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series S will release in November for $299, and the Series X for $499. For the less financially inclined, that’s $25 or $35 per month with Xbox All Access financing (which isn’t a great deal).

And if you’re wondering whether you should get the X or S, don’t get your hopes up. It’s still too early to tell, as the leak only provides some of the Series S capabilities: 1440p gaming up to 120fps, a 512GB SSD…and that’s it. Variable refresh rate and rate shading are fancy ways of saying developers can improve performance by lowering framerates and processes visuals. Raytracing was already possible. And 4K upscaling? Sure, why not.

It looks like the real goal Microsoft has is to offer four payment options for their next-gen consoles: $500 plus $60/year with Xbox Live, $300 plus XBL, $35/month, or $25/month (which amounts to $840 and $600, respectively). Why not just buy an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 on the 24th for $500 and have twice-as-powerful performance as the already more powerful current-gen GPUs, and let consoles go to the kids?

Like I told my girlfriend when she shared the leak with me last night, “We’re a PC gaming family.”