Do you love PC gaming? Do you just wish you could make your games look better while keeping your GPU nice and cool? Well we’ve got the perfect giveaway for you! Win a brand new NVIDIA RTX 2080 Super with the world’s first PCIe-based GPU cooler from Asetek.

Asetek has partnered with UFD Tech to give away one 2080 Super with the Asetek RAD Card Slot-In PCIe Liquid Cooler. This GPU-cooler combo, which we’ve already seen in the Alienware Aurora R11, can reduce fan noise by up to 69% and thermals by over 20%.

Stop dawdling and sign up for a chance to win now! Don’t forget to get as many entries as possible.

Curious about the design process Asetek had for this GPU cooler? We’ve got a great video below of the lead engineers on the project discussing how they made it happen.

Gotta love those Danes!