Usually when we ask “will it run…” we think about a rig. Some weird hardware. Something like a coffee machine, a smart watch, a thermostat. Something fun, something shouldn’t be able to run Doom, or Crysis, or whatever the fun game is.

But on a videocard directly…that’s a new one. Installed and running only on VRAM. That’s exactly what Strife212 did. Using an RTX 3090, complete with 24GB of VRAM and the power to run a full game easily. So with 15GB dedicated to the install, the remaining was just for running Crysis 3.

And it ran well. No surprise there, with the current highest-end GPU at play. Without a scientific approach Strife did say that Crysis ran very well. In theory the game should perform better than from an SSD, both thanks to VRAM’s high speed and fewer bandwidth restrictions. There’s just less work to do to process the data.

We may not see any real changes in the future to take advantage of this technology. Even if we see a huge increase in VRAM capacity, that memory isn’t made for storage. And the RTX 3090 isn’t a storage device. If we could see GPUs come with integrated memory to speed things along that’d be even more interesting, but chances are it won’t  help much. SSDs, and memory in general are so fast and getting so much faster that it’ll barely be noticeable.

Source: Tom’s Hardware