On the heels of MSI’s release of the MPG CORELIQUID K Series Liquid Cooler — built with Asetek technology — the team at MSI Insider invited Dennis and Shawn to visit. During their Liveblog earlier today, the stars of the Shennis and Dawn show joined Eric and Michiel to discuss liquid cooling and the upcoming RTX 3080 Sea Hawk.

Tech Evangelists Dennis and Shawn speak at length about the tech inside the CORELIQUID and Sea Hawk. And the spunky MSI Insiders hosts show off the hardware and give away some pretty cool equipment. All the more reason to watch it live over at their channel.

If you’re interested learning more about liquid cooling, watch the liveblog. The foursome does a great job of describing how the both work and answering audience questions. I’m looking forward to both devices. We’ll see the CORELIQUID K Series this month and the Sea Hawk, coming soon.