Being a Tech Evangelist for Asetek is like being a kid in a candy store. Daily, Dennis and I get to play with so much new hottness, it’s almost criminal. For instance, this week XPG has officially launched their Asetek-powered all-in-one liquid cooler. So, I quickly nabbed one and carefully pieced an elegant small form factor PC together just to show it off. But first…

PC Gamers and enthusiasts have spoken… Liquid is the preferred choice for proper thermal management among serious users and builders. However, the AIO market is a busy landscape that makes it difficult for new builders to locate the veritable diamonds in the rough. While Asetek does dominate the market with our partner all-in-one liquid cooler offerings, the company is incredibly finicky when it comes to evaluating and selecting those strategic partners.  

A whole new kind of cool

The latest to emerge from the Asetek trial-by-fire is none other than ADATA. The company leverages their intense gamer-focused XPG brand to create the latest Asetek-powered thermal solution. Enter the XPG LEVANTE all-in-one CPU liquid cooler, available now. This one is turning heads with a stunning RGB radiance on both the fans and pump cap. The latter features a unique design that is prosaic yet remains fiercely alluring. Just take a peak at this appropriately red-clad AMD-based gaming rig. 

The XPG LEVANTE 240 Addressable RGB cooler provides advanced CPU overclocking capability and virtually silent operations to gamers, esports pros and tech enthusiasts.

The new CPU cooler provides targeted cooling of CPUs plus an XPG ARGB lighting design on the LEVANTE 240 AIO pump cap. With XPG’s entry into CPU coolers, loyal enthusiasts can now include XPG-branded premium coolers to create all-XPG gaming systems. 

A glorious small form factor

This rig was built immediately after I got my hands on early samples of the XPG LEVANTE 240 AIO liquid cooler. It is a perfect thermal solution for a budget gaming build that will help it excel at 1080p gaming.

As for the other component, I used a mix of new and old parts that we had available in the office. Our platform is the B450 chipset motherboard from Gigabyte Aorus – B450 I Aorus Pro WiFi board. We don’t require that tempting PCIe 4.0 drive speed. In fact, our Western Digital Blue M.2 SSD isn’t capable of reaching such speed. So, it would have been wasted.

AMD is “Ryzen” on up

We’ve been having all sorts of fun with AMD’s latest Ryzen 3000 series of CPUs. We had both a Ryzen 9 3900X and a Ryzen 7 3700X. This being a budget and all, we went with the 3700X.

In case you didn’t know, B450 motherboards require a BIOS update before they can play nice with new Ryzen 3000 processors. So we installed an older AMD Ryzen 2400G processor on the Aorus board, which allowed us to download and install the latest BIOS version. Then we were good to swap in the 3700X.


That G.Skill Trident memory is one of our most preferred models. Performance is outstanding and they have so many variants with low-to-blazing-fast frequencies. Take note; Ryzen 3000 performs best and can often achieve a higher boost clock when paired with high-frequency RAM that exceed 3200MHz. So we went for the 16GB 3600MHz monster kit. You should do the same or aim higher when building your Ryzen 3000 system.

This was a easy but super exciting build. We haven’t even had a chance to game on it. It was built and then we rushed to push this out and share it to coincide with the XPG launch. Let us know your thoughts on this build, the XPG LEVANTE AIO Cooler, Ryzen 3000 or just to say “Hey CoolNation!”