If you were waiting for more VRAM in your Ampere GPU, you might have to wait even longer. New rumors swirling around the lack of available units suggest NVIDIA is scraping a 2020 launch of any RTX 3070, 3080, or 3090 variants.

This isn’t surprising. With the crazy limited supply, NVIDIA may spend the rest of the year trying to fulfill orders. From the original launch. So if you were planning to wait for a 16GB RTX 3070 Ti/Super, it may be a longer wait. Early 2021 may still be optimistic if reports of low-supply are true.

I’ve been ringing the bell that patience here will save the day, but we’ve been burned a few times already. NVIDIA apologized, Newegg apologized, reports of plenty of stock…the delay of the 3070 launch is looking less like an attack on AMD and more like a stall tactic.

Most of us don’t need more than 8GB of VRAM; once you get into 4K gaming territory that extra memory goes a long way, but otherwise it’s overkill. Then again, why not plan for the future with 16GB, and the expectation of keeping a GPU for more than a few years? NVIDIA just makes it harder and harder to upgrade.

AMD will announce its next-gen GPUs in a week. I’ll be sitting there with three eyes open.