How have those Zoom calls been? Have a lot of noise fragments? With this age of staying at home and calling everyone, call quality suddenly matters more than ever. And we don’t just call from our phones, especially for us who game and work on the same rig.

So NVIDIA’s “RTX Voice” app couldn’t come at a better time. Though it’ll only work for RTX cards (both consumer and Quadro), the premise is that NVIDIA’s “AI” and onboard processing can reduce background noise and clear up your voice for calls. I highlight “AI” because it’s not true artificial intelligence, but don’t think it’s not good. If anything, I’m glad that we’re seeing a helpful use of a GPU outside of gaming.

RTX Voice, available in beta and downloadable here, works on a handful of apps, including Discord, Google Chrome, OBS Studio, XSplit Gamecaster and Broadcaster, and a few others. If you’re concerned with NVIDIA listening in on your conversations, the company has said nothing about that.

As GPUs continue to be used at higher levels and for more non-gaming tasks, it’s very likely that we’ll see more utility-style apps like RTX Voice in the future. Which is exciting, because the processing power of a GPU is already far more useful than a CPU for hundreds of tasks. AI-based services can take advantage of the parallel processing in ways that we haven’t been able to program easily. So make sure you’ve got a good cooler that can handle the load, whether you’re gaming or not.