Throw another fire onto the growing embers that is the NVIDIA Ampere rumor mill. We can’t even get an RTX 3070, 3080, or 3090 to play around with. And now rumors of a supposed RTX 3060 Ti suggest that the unannounced GPU will be delayed.

Be still my beating heart.

So while I’m stuck waiting for election day news, Expreview (reported on by Guru3D) suggests that the mid-range Ampere videocard was originally planned to release on November 17. Now, however, it’ll release on December 2.

My take is pretty simple: we have such limited stock of all Ampere cards that a 2-week delay in any new GPU is putting a hat on a hat. NVIDIA releasing, or even announcing a new GPU when the company can’t fulfill on existing orders is damaging. It hurts us customers, and hurts our outlook on NVIDIA. Why would I trust that there’s even a unit of this new videocard when the already released ones are still completely unavailable?

On top of that, an RTX 3060 Ti? Where’s the RTX 3060? NVIDIA doesn’t release secondary GPUs before perennial ones. In reality this rumor, if true, is referencing a 3060 and using “Ti” for headlines and views. If the whole rumor has any legitimacy to it in the first place.