We’ve been spotting rumors about the upcoming Ampere line of GPUs from NVIDIA. It’s hard to keep track of. But this morning NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang showed off four graphics cards that will make up the next-gen hardware.

Three new GPUs will release between September and October: the Geforce RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070. The 3090 is a beast, exactly as we expected: 24GB of GDDR6 memory, capable of 8K gaming, and starting at $1499. The release date is September 24.

Next is the 3080, a much more reasonable $699, and touted as the company’s flagship card. And at 2X the performance of the 2080, that’s a pretty reasonable ask. You can pick one up starting September 17.

Finally is the 3070 at $499 and listed as faster than the RTX 2080Ti. The 2080Ti retailed for $1200, so buyers of the high-end card may feel shell-shocked. Of course interested buyers will have to wait for the 8GB card, which will release in October.

AMD will have to step up its GPU game to compete. Early rumors of Big Navi offering 1.5X performance over the RTX 2080Ti is now moot, considering NVIDIA’s mid-range 3070 is faster still. And with current benchmarks above anything we’ve seen, the highest-end 3090 may reign supreme…until we get the 3090Ti, anyways. There’s plenty more to unpack, so stay tuned for more news on NVIDIA’s latest GPUs!