While AMD has been killing it, Intel has suffered. The processor giant lost Apple as a client, is expected to only get around to a 10nm process later this year, and is losing market share to its biggest competitor. And Intel’s loss is NVIDIA’s gain.

Even though the two companies compete more indirectly than directly, we in gaming hear about both frequently. Intel has been, with the exception of major players like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, one of the largest 800lbs gorillas in the space. NVIDIA fluctuates back and forth depending on many factors, but the GPU maker is now worth more than Intel.

As of this writing NVIDIA’s market capitalization is $259B. Intel’s is just under $250B. NVIDIA has ridden the market to huge growth by nearly doubling it’s stock price in the past four months. There are many reasons for that growth, from NVIDIA’s server and gaming businesses booming in light of COVID to the influx of people in the stock market using services like Robinhood. Whatever the reason, it’s a win for the company and anyone investing in them.