It’s been a great week for NVIDIA. Just before revealing Ampere, the highly-anticipated next-generation performance GPUs, the company reportedly saw an increase in total market share. All the way up to 80%.

According to Jon Peddie Research (JPR), between Q2 and Q3 of this year discrete graphics from NVIDIA rose from an already high 71% to a dominating 80%. Even as AMD has put out an update to the company’s current RDNA2 lineup, seemingly nothing is stopping¬†big green.

Bare in mind that this increase still came with NVIDIA discontinuing sales of Turing GPUs. And in spite of the Ampere announcement, with rumors of huge performance gains flying for months. And with AMD publishing a whole line of GPUs.

It’s no surprise that NVIDIA has seen a huge stock price uptick, around $570 as of this writing. That’s up 32.5% from the last month alone. AMD has seen their own gains, though mostly in the CPU realm where Intel has struggled to compete on technology.