The internet’s blood is boiling. Well, not really…if anything my experience so far with the lack of available GeForce RTX 3080s is that gamers are still pretty chill. At Micro Center yesterday dozens hung out outside the store (in 95 degree southern California weather) just to chat.

Online is a different story. Complaints include bots purchasing entire stocks of inventory with the intent of eBay turnover. Some units have sold on eBay for tens of thousands. I’ll admit that the thought to resell occurred to me too, if only because the profits can be crazy.

Last night NewEgg offered an apology, stating that the website received more traffic than on Black Friday. I’d say that’s surprising, but with so many staying home thanks to the pandemic, even mom’s are waiting in line. And, you know, hitting F5 every few seconds to see the page show up.

This morning NVIDIA also issued an apology, saying the company’s own online store was also bombarded with buyers looking to snap up a unit. Both stores are online now, though nearly every single retailer that carried any stock has seen phone lines, customer support chat, and in-store requests skyrocket.

So, on the eve of the weekend, and for this writer the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah, I can guarantee it’ll be a sweet new year even without an RTX 3080 in my rig. One will be there soon enough. Coming together even with the lack of the new graphics card is what matters most. So play together, have fun, and good luck to scavengers (and screw you scalpers!).

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