It’s something we were all afraid of. Even though NVIDIA has both claimed volume wasn’t a concern and issued several apologies, orders remain unmet. Now, a german gaming retailer, has made a statement about available RTX 3080 and 3090 models. Well, the lack thereof.

According to Proshop, only 7% of RTX 3080 orders have been fulfilled. The company just hasn’t gotten units in. Some manufacturers have supplied extremely limited units, while others haven’t provided any. It’s a cluster to say the least.

Orders for the more expensive RTX 3090 aren’t faring much better with only 10% fulfillment. So far it’s still unclear why there are so few units available. Speculation around the subject is everything from scalpers buying all the stock to resell at much higher prices to companies selling to bitcoin miners.

And as we reported earlier, it’s very possible that there’s just a lack of available resources. Apple just released two new iPhone models with two more on the way, Microsoft and Sony are launching their next-gen game consoles in a few weeks, and AMD will announce their new GPUs in just a week. There’s a pretty high chance that NVIDIA just isn’t able to make enough units, or get factory time for them.

Without using help from industry contacts, I’ve been unable to find a 3080 or 3090 for myself. I’ll keep trying, but I won’t be surprised if I can’t get a unit before 2021.