We saw it coming. Aside from an expected glut of hardware rumored early this year, Ampere was poised to have low stock. eBay is flooded with resellers, and has been since before the RTX 3080 went on sale at 6am PST this morning.

Shawn and I attempted to pick up a GPU in person at Best Buy and Micro Center, respectively. No success. I saw a line around the block. Mind you, with limited masks and little mind of personal space.

Suffice it to say we’re not the only ones struggling. Plenty have gone to Reddit and abroad to share frustration with limited availability of the 3080. You can stay up to date here, though so far the few alerts I’ve seen have been false alarms. Or else stock disappeared instantly.

NVIDIA has now published an apology to buyers for the difficulty in finding the GPU. We’re recommending being patient more than anything else. After all, it’s still a few months before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out.