We hardly new ye. NVIDIA, in an effort to make manufacturing space for Ampere, is ending production of some current Turing GPUs. The latest to go is the GeForce RTX 2070 Super, arguably the bottom of the high-end cards.

It was last retailing for $500, and prices have already gone up. The cheapest you can find one on Newegg is $535. And it’s not surprising: the 2070 Super is a killer GPU. I absolutely loved it in our Alienware Aurora R9, where it was absolutely capable of 60fps gaming at 4K. The 2070 super is also the 3rd major GPU discontinued, after the RTX 2070 Ti and RTX 2080 Super.

This is in stark contrast to AMD, which has continued to release new GPUs and continue producing older ones at a discounted price. Both business strategies make sense: NVIDIA knows consumers of its high-end graphics cards will stick with them for years, or else upgrade regularly. As long as NVIDIA owns the enthusiast market, the company can remain frugal with it’s manufacturing processes.

Which is perfect timing. With NVIDIA planning on sharing details about Ampere at the end of the month, we don’t have long to wait.

Featured image source: Game Debate