Get ready for the next generation of high-end NVIDIA GPUs. According to reports, the videocard maker has ceased production of RTX 2000 cards to make way for the next-gen Ampere models. We’ve been rubbing our hands together greedily waiting for these new GPUs. However, it’s possible we’ll see a lack of available units for purchase for the rest of the year.

As we wrote about way back when, with new game consoles releasing this holiday and with both AMD and NVIDIA releasing their next-gen cards…prices may be high. And stock may be low. The report does indicate that non-RTX cards will remain in production through the end of the year, so non-enthusiast range graphics will be available.

That means now’s an excellent time to pick up a high-end RTX 2070 Super or 2080, before prices start skyrocketing. We hope they don’t; rumors of Ampere performance gains are no joke.

Originally reported by ITHome