With the RTX 3080 officially out, and it’s prime time for NVIDIA to release some new broadcasting software. Big Green today published Broadcast, an application for RTX-based cards (that’s anything from the Ampere and Turing lines, so your GTX cards don’t make the cut) to simplify the streaming process for gamers and creators alike.

Broadcast, available for free, only requires an RTX card and Windows 10. The software boasts improved streaming and recording performance by relying on the GPU rather than other resources for processing. It features AI-based noise removal, with described key clacking and fuzzy sounds filtered out in the same way that RTX Voice works. Just like Zoom and other call services, you can also set static and dynamic backgrounds. A blurring option is currently in beta.

And in a very Tik Tok format, there’s software-based camera tracking too. This is especially helpful for gamers streaming while playing. Those of us that are more animated while playing and keep the camera focused on our faces…that’s for us.

Like Gamestream, Broadcast is NVIDIAs software to help gamers and streamers keep all the software in one place. This is a struggle for us here, especially working on the weekly stream. We’ll let our listeners know on our next broadcast how we like Broadcast.