After a week of infinitesimal supply of the company’s flagship GPU, NVIDIA has issued an apology. This is after last week’s apology of low stock of the RTX 3080; this apology focuses on crazy-high demand and retail partners unable to keep up. And, importantly, malicious scalpers.

Scalpers are the hot trend of 2020, at least for gamers. I saw plenty in line at Micro Center. But with so many vying to earn extra cash amid our pandemic, the situation isn’t that farfetched. According to the company, “[the]¬†NVIDIA Store was also overrun with malicious bots and resellers.”

The company went further to explain that while the store had preventative measures in place, bot sophistication has improved. Not only was NVIDIA unprepared, plenty or retail partners were too. Thankfully, “NVIDIA has cancelled hundreds of orders manually before they were able to ship.”

Who knows if we’ll see those hundreds of units back in the store anytime soon. With EVGA’s promise to have thousands of units available in the coming weeks, don’t be too concerned. We’ll all be able to pick up an RTX 3080 soon enough. Hopefully before the RTX 3070 releases next month.

Originally reported by Videocardz