NVIDIA’s G-Sync is getting an upgrade. Starting with the ASUS ROG Swift 360, G-Sync is increasing the supported maximum display refresh rate from 240Hz to 360Hz. Which sounds crazy, considering the sheer quantity of frames per second. Who needs a 360Hz display? Wasn’t 144Hz enough?

What’s enough speed, of course, as NVIDIA is targeting e-sports players and professional gamers interested in getting the very most out of their hardware. Aside from the hardware requirement to play so many frames, animations will be smoother, latency will drop, and ghosting will nearly practically disappear.

ASUS is the first company that will offer a 360Hz G-Sync display, set to release “later this year”. VentureBeat notes that even without the higher refresh rate, there are over 90 different displays that support G-Sync, most interestingly several LG OLED models. Still, for the absolute fastest display, you’ll want to wait for the 24.5-inch model from ASUS, which the company describes in more detail here.


I’ve owned and gamed on a 144Hz display for the past five years and love the increased framerate, though reality does tend to sink in fast when your display pushes frames faster than your rig can. High-end games with serious hardware requirements, even with top-of-the-line components, multiple GPUs, and crazy cooling systems may not be able to hit 240Hz, let alone 360Hz. Fortnite? Sure. Doom: Eternal? Definitely not. At least not yet.

Of course, with the increased performance of graphics processing we’re expecting this year from both NVidia and AMD, it may not be long before you can. Get the right cooling system for your new or soon-to-be new GPU from Asetek, and you’ll be on your way to ridding the world of visual latency, one gamer at a time.