Image from Minimi X-Zone

It’s about damn time. NVIDIA teased a short video with a countdown for Ampere, coming September 1. What exactly is happening on the 1st isn’t clear yet.

WCCF Tech surmises that this countdown is an homage to the GeForce 256.

This likely harkens back to the launch of what NVIDIA call the world’s first modern GPU: the GeForce 256. The company is essentially doing an “ultimate” countdown to the spiritual successor of this card after almost 21 years – which hints at revolutionary performance upgrade and/or feature upgrade.

Considering the rumors we’ve seen thus far around Ampere, that may well be true. Especially with the ever growing pressure from AMD and the still unseen Big Navi.

Summer will end with a bang.  We’re very seriously looking forward to Ampere, for plenty of reasons. If the current rumors of performance benchmarks are true, then the end of 2020 will be worth waiting for.