NVIDIA’s Ampere GPUs aren’t just going to improve on power. According to leaks regarding the upcoming graphics cards, we may see even bigger performance gains aside from pumping out frames.

The RTX lineup is expected to include NVCache, a system that speeds up load times by connecting other hardware in your rig. SSDs and DDR RAM will be utilized to boost load times along with VRAM. Effectively, your GPU will use available memory as VRAM as it sees fit.

Which is precisely what we need. Gaming performance in-game is one thing. Startup, load times, and even quit times are often painfully slow. Even monster rigs may load for minutes rather than seconds, depending on the title. I don’t care how many polygons your game pushes, if I get up for something I want it loaded before I leave the room.

Seconds, not minutes.

Tweaktown smartly points out that the combination of NVCache, DLSS 3.0, and Tensor Memory Compression…are the holy trinity.  I couldn’t agree more; connecting these technologies to improve overall performance in every way, and for almost every game. That’s the future I signed up for. So no, 2020 isn’t so bad. We’re just getting to the good part. Finally. And with crazy performance already coming from benchmarks on Ampere…I can’t wait.