I wasn’t feeling the pain before. This Alienware Aurora R11, packed with a powerful NVIDIA RTX 2070 Super, is a badass machine. But every new rumor about the upcoming Ampere is another needle, another pinch, another reminder. The future is nigh.

So when news broke earlier this week that Ampere crushed benchmarks…well, all I could think about was WHEN AM I GETTING ONE?! Fanboy-ness aside, the results come from Otoy CEO Jules Urbach. Otoy specializes in 3D rendering, so if you’ve watched any recent TV or films, you’ve definitely seen something using their software. 3D rendering and modeling companies have huge technical needs, so getting a first glimpse at Ampere? Hell yeah.

Urbach took to twitter to share the news:

Impressive, to say the least. We’ve seen rumors of the performance boost, but seeing actual results? Confirming the rumors will only escalate the potency of our PC gaming future. Especially with AMD’s own Big Navi rumors to be equally thrilling.

Originally reported by VideoCardz