The CoolNation Masters has kicked off with great matches and intense gameplay. Nodecraft has been a huge part of this, providing rock stable servers as well as great gameplay.

In preparation for the CoolNation Masters CS:GO tournament, Asetek and CoolNation were looking for a partner to provide rock stable servers as well as a steady gameplay experience. In searching the market we found Nodecraft and a beautiful partnership formed.
After aligning on goals for the tournament, a partnership was the only logical course of action.

Nodecraft is an American company, specialising in game server hosting for various online games.
The experienced gamer will quickly hesitate, because that means all their servers are in the US… Right?
Well.. Wrong… There’s no need to worry about latencies on their servers, as they are placed around the World, ensuring stable latencies for dedicated gamers.

Servers graciously sponsored by Nodecraft

As with any new venture, such as the CoolNation Masters, which is CoolNation’s first tournament, there will always be small hiccups. In such cases it is always important to have dedicated and solution-focused partners onboard in the project, which Nodecraft surely is.

All Beginnings are Difficult

Surely the first day of games in the group stage of the new CoolNation Masters offered some minor hiccups. As we mentioned earlier, we are new in arranging tournaments, and had not fully understood the extent of planning needed on something as relatively simple as rules being set up on the server. That resulted in some of the aforementioned hiccups in round 1, but we’re overcoming it!
Onwards and upwards! Towards better experiences for all of our wonderful players.

We’re learning and we love it. Our wonderful community is giving excellent feedback, and we hope this will countinue as a steady stream. Allowing us to become better. Arrange more, and better, tournaments.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the CoolNation Masters or CoolNation as a whole. If you want to chime in, please join us on Discord.

Finally a big thank you to Nodecraft, for really coming through for us!