We love benchmark leaks. This one takes the cake for 2020. NVIDIA’s upcoming GPUs, at least according to this new leak, will increase performance by a theoretical 40%. Over the $2,500 Titan RTX.

But take that supposed performance boost with a grain of salt. Firstly, the results are from Geekbench, which doesn’t test every facet of graphics performance. It’s a simpler benchmark that’s made to be more accessible rather than offering in-depth analysis.

What’s more impressive are the specs. Two GPUs are listed; the first with 7552 CUDA cores, 112 SMs, and 24GB of memory. That’s nearly double the RTX 2080 Ti’s 4352 cores, 68 SMs, and 11GB. Even without a confirmation that this unlisted GPU may offer a 40% boost over Titan, by specs alone it’s an obvious monster.

The second card is no slouch either with 6912 cores, 108 SMs, and…an unclear amount of memory likely due to a misread from Geekbench.

If any of these benchmarks hold true, it’s a huge breakthrough for NVIDIA. AMD has been stealing the market with excellent low- and mid-range performance videocards, and has slowly built up an incredible lineup. All that’s missing from the underdog is the high-end, which NVIDIA has owned for the past few years. The only catch is most gamers can’t afford the high-end. At least not at NVIDIA’s pricing, especially when great mid-range cards like the RX 5700 XT is $400. The most comparable NVIDIA card is the RTX 2070 Super, hovering around $500.

It’s a great sign for a few more reasons. This much power may mean graphics performance isn’t actually slowing down. It also means that, if we see these new cards soon, the rest of NVIDIA’s excellent lineup will have a pretty serious price drop. If the GPU glut does happen, you’ll want to snag one before it’s too late…or else (ugh) move to an AMD-based games console.

But yeah, don’t do that.