There’s always a bottleneck. Sometimes it’s the CPU, sometimes it’s RAM, and too often it’s the GPU. And as Gamers Nexus discovered with the latest Comet Lake CPUs, our current bottleneck is the videocard.

Don’t worry though, you’ll only notice it if you’ve got the RTX 2080 Ti and play at resolutions above 1440p.

In a review of a handful of AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, along with an all-new i5-10600K and across over a dozen games, Gamers Nexus found we’ve reached the graphical limit. At least at the highest end, which isn’t so bad since Ampere is coming soon and looks significantly more powerful than the current gen. And Big Navi is expected to be no slouch either.

Check out the full video below.

That means if you’re currently looking at upgrading to a high-end system, you may want to consider waiting a few months before upgrading your GPU. AMD and NVIDIA are on the cusp of major new releases, and this bottleneck won’t exist for GPUs. No performance loss necessary.