Liquid cooling for GPUs is the best way to keep your videocard overclocked and brisk. NVIDIA’s new GeForce RTX™ 30-Series graphics cards offer so much power, which means keeping these graphics cards cool and stable is more valuable than ever.

The high-powered Ampere graphics cards boast massive performance improvements for high-framerates, 4K gaming, ray tracing, and even improvements to streaming.

That’s why MSI is officially announcing the Sea Hawk 240mm All-in-One liquid cooler. The Sea Hawk – designed in collaboration between MSI and Asetek – is made for gamers and content creators alike.

All that performance requires a lot of power. The GeForce RTX 30-Series can require 350W or more. The Sea Hawk is designed to handle this increased power requirement while keeping your GPU cool and stable.

“When developing our SEA HAWK cooler for our GeForce RTX 30-Series graphics cards, we chose to partner with Asetek, the industry leader in liquid cooling,” said Vincent Hou, Marketing Manager at MSI. “Our SEA HAWK GPU cooler is made to beat the heat of ultrahigh frame rates and serious 4K resolution gaming enabled by GeForce RTX 30-Series GPUs.

An all-new cool plate built specifically for the Ampere line covers both the GPU die and VRAM. This provides even cooling throughout the graphics card to dissipate heat evenly across the unit. This makes overclocking more stable to give you the most frames per second possible.

Watch the full announcement from MSI below: