MSI has a brand new high-end liquid cooling option that the company has revealed today, the MPG CORELIQUID K Series. This badass chiller, built with Asetek’s Gen7 liquid cooling technology, has a supreme balance of best-in-class CPU cooling and ravishing good looks.

Compared to other liquid cooling options, the MPG CORELIQUID K has three ways to bring on the frost. First: a dual-fan (240mm) or tri-fan (360mm) setup on the radiator to blast air at the hot water to reduce temps. Second is the pump-embedded fan, which adds an extra layer of wintry goodness straight off the water block.

Last but nowhere near least is a final fan right on the water block. This MSI TORX 3.0 is a 60mm fan that sits atop the water block to jet even more cool air for keeping your processor frigid. The triple-cooling setup of the MPG CORELIQUID K not only produces lower temperatures, it helps maintain the longevity of each fan by spreading the workload. So the 100,000-hour lifespan of the CORELIQUID (that’s over 11 years) doesn’t seem so farfetched.

As if cooling features alone weren’t enough, the CORELIQUID also sports a 2.4-inch LCD panel on the water block for displaying graphics, lighting, or system info. Along with the radiator fans, this screen supports full RGB lighting that’s programmable from the MSI Center app. And of course, all of the fans are completely controllable through MSI Center for performance or silence.

All said, the MSI MPG CORELIQUID K is poised to keep your CPU crisp and running smoothly. We can’t wait to get our hands on one very soon.

msi rotatable block head img

Additional benefits of Asetek’s Gen7 latest liquid cooling technology include:

  • Out-of-Bounds temperature sensing. The cooler continuously monitors the liquid temperature and automatically boosts the pump speed to clear any temperature excursions, ensuring smooth system operation for an immersive gameplay experience.
  • Even quieter operation versus previous technology generations.
  • System improvements resulting in enhanced permeation resistance and increased durability.