Ryzen 3000 has had plenty of time to shine. If you’ve already upgraded, awesome! But many have held off, either due to saving money with the current Covid pandemic…or waiting for more reasonably priced motherboards.

Wait no further…or rather, just a bit longer. According to a report from WCCF Tech, the next generation of MoBos will be announced on May 21 and will start releasing on June 16. These low- and mid-range budget boards, based on the B550 architecture, will work with current Ryzen 3000 and the next gen Ryzen 4000. B550 motherboards are expected to be priced between $80-$150.

For anyone waiting to upgrade because of cost, this news is perfectly timed. Ryzen 3000 has done tremendously well. We’ve loved it in our Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition, along with several other machines. And AMD recommends plenty of excellent liquid coolers to use with the line of CPUs.

At this point I’d rather wait for Ryzen 4000, which is expected in fall. That’s because for the price-conscious, Ryzen 3000 will be less expensive, and these new mobos will work for both current and last-gen models. Whichever you decide, the options are looking excellent for AMD builds. It’s an exciting time for AMD fans!