Here at CoolNation, we’re big fans of liquid cooling. We’re bigger fans of improving PC performance at the highest level. In our experience, liquid cooling is the way to go, but air coolers can still provide excellent results.

So when Gamers Nexus put out a huge video describing some of the troubles with today’s testing of coolers, we couldn’t resist. The full video, below, describes all of today’s problems with testing both air and liquid coolers. It also focuses heavily on improper expectations people have, especially when deciding on what’s the best option for their needs.

Gaming Nexus also went the distance and published an article on the topic. It’s a long video, but it’s an interesting listen, so we’d recommend anyone interested in the topic give it a listen at the least.

What’s most striking is the major claim people make that air coolers are superior purely because of a simpler design. Sure, fewer moving parts means less can break, but I’ve always seen the difference as one of luxury. Air coolers need to work harder to get the same results as liquid coolers, and the tradeoff is with more noise. So while your liquid cooler may only be rated for 5 years (the industry standard is 7 now), chances are you’ll upgrade your CPU and motherboard by that point, and will want to upgrade anyways.