If you’ve been waiting for Intel’s next-gen CPUs for ultimate gaming performance, maybe put your wallet down. Intel’s push for a 10nm chipset has been long-awaited, and this is the year that the company will make it a reality. Hopefully.

Savvy readers aware of Intel’s “Tick” “Tock” processor development method know that it’s sometimes worth waiting for the 2nd generation. Just like how Apple fanboys will wait a year before buying a new iPhone with a new hardware design, the chipmaker’s move to 10nm isn’t going to show significant improvement over the current 14nm silicon. As HotHardware notes:

“Intel CFO George Davis warned that 10nm is not going to be this big savior for the company’s chip operations.”


The 14nm process has been available for the past 5 years now. Intel has had plenty of time to make those chips as efficient and effective, even as AMD has decreased the die size to 10nm, and now 7nm. That’s why in many cases Intel chips are still considered better for performance than AMD’s latest. They may be larger, but they’re very, very well made.

So while we laud AMD’s performance in new tech, and for pushing the industry forward, it hasn’t won the “CPU wars”. Far from it, though the longer it takes Intel to get to the next “Tock” stage, the more AMD will pull ahead. Just seeing a Thradripper 3990X run Crysis is enough to make anyone switch.

Originally noted by WCCFTech