We’ve railed on Intel’s failure to reach a 7nm fabrication process for awhile now. Big Blue’s been struggling. They’ve lost market share to AMD, delayed 7nm to 2021, and are struggling to keep up at every level.

But at Architecture Day 2020 the company made a few impressive announcements. We talked about the Xe GPUs coming next year, but one very cool piece of news is about the next generation of CPUs, Tiger Lake.

SuperFin, firstly, is the new way Intel is naming generational changes; instead of 10+, we get 10SF. More importantly, according to Intel new manufacturing processes and materials that improve performance in a number of ways:

  • Higher maximum clock speeds, up to (and possibly beyond) 5GHz
  • Much larger L2 (up to 1.25MiB) and L3 caches (12MiB)
  • An additional 10-20% performance over Ice Lake
  • 4K video X4 simultaneously (DisplayPort, HDMI, Thunderbolt, and USB4)
  • Intel Xe Integrated Graphics

Overwhelmingly this means we’re not going to see a massive performance boost for gaming. AMD may yet own that for the next year or two. But for everyday performance, Intel’s pushing so many improvements that we may want to upgrade that way instead. Team Blue’s huge feature set and improvements are looking like a real win, one that we’ll see starting on September 2.

AnandTech has a great article discussing the architecture, technologies, and changes going into SuperFin. It’s a great read that goes indo extreme depth on what to expect.