We’ve heard a ton of good news recently about next year’s graphics processors from both AMD and NVIDIA, but if a report from TrendForce turns out to be accurate, we may see a significant increase in the price of the typical GPU. Especially with the upcoming generation of GDDR6 cards that’ll be in pretty much every card, including the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

So there might really be a shortage of DRAM, especially with Microsoft and Sony looking to eat up a ton of the available supply to keep prices of their consoles reasonable. Both companies are planning on a holiday 2020 release, and after the trouble Sony had catching up to Microsoft with the Playstation 3.

It may not be as bad as it sounds, though as reported by HotHardware, we may see a sharp upturn in pricing just like when Bitcoin became overly popular and everyone with a get-rich-quick dream picked up every GPU they could get their hands on. Should supply actually become problematic, we’ll likely know about it by mid-way next year. Console makers need months in advance to produce enough quantity to ensure sales, and if past console releases are any indication, there’ll be millions of consoles sold, each with its own graphics needs.

Thankfully we’re also expecting new graphics cards from both AMD and NVIDIA to be officially announced at CES 2020, just a week away, so if my guess is right then we’ll have plenty of time before the shortage of DRAM.