It wasn’t on purpose NVIDIA. Don’t worry, no secret stays secret for too long. GPU manufacturer and leaker Gigabyte fell culprit to an easy-to-make mistake.

After NVIDIA announced all RTX 3000 cards released this year will come with a year’s subscription of GeForce Now and Watch Dogs: Legion,  the Gigabyte website to redeem download codes listed an assortment of GPUs. Many of which have not been announced. Codenames for these cards don’t describe exactly what the models are, but Videocardz suspects them to be the RTX 3060 Ti/Super, 3070 Ti/Super and 3080 with 2GB of VRAM.

That’s very much in line with NVIDIA’s past product lines.

21 models are listed in total, ranging from the 3060S to a 3090. All include titles from Gigabyte’s lineup, like Eagle and Aorus, so aside from the names there’s little else to go on. A “3070SGAMING OC-16GD” sounds like 3070 Super Gaming overclocked with 16GB of VRAM, double the current model.  Here’s the full lineup:

With EVGA confirming stock of the RTX 3080, and NVIDIA’s apology to have more soon, this is a great sign. We just need to be patient for availability of Ampere GPUs. It’s a tough wait for all of us, but give it time. Cyberpunk 2077 is still 2 months away.