Reports on the GeForce RTX 3080 power requirements show that the Founders Edition may have a higher maximum wattage. Videocardz reports that sources using the Founders Edition RTX 3080 show a maximum power limit of 370W, compared to the 350W reported maximum by NVIDIA.

The increased power maximum may be thanks in part to the 12-pin power connector on the Founders Edition. Currently NVIDIAs own 3080 (and 3090) are the only versions of the GPU that will have this power coupling. In effect, that extra 20W makes the Founders Edition of the 3080, releasing tomorrow, the most overclockable model.

That won’t be permanent. We’ve already seen the EVGA 3090 KINGPIN boasting 3 8-pin connectors, so power limitations won’t be longstanding for this line of GPUs. But if you’re looking to play around with with a 3080, make sure you pick one up tomorrow. They’re hard to spot on Amazon, but NewEgg has a bunch of out-of-stock listings. So I’ll see you all tonight in case you can’t pick up your Founders Edition.