It’s pretty common for big-name games to sell with new hardware. Hardware makers often package them together for marketing purposes. That isn’t the case with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator, and yet the title is already forcing would-be buyers to scour the internet for controllers.

Flight Simulator is expected to sell well. According to reports, hardware shortages have already started.  Even a week after the initial report there are still flight stick shortages. That’s likely not going to change over the next few months, as purchases of Flight Simulator increase. New videocards from NVIDIA, as well as updated monitors, CPUs, and other components, will likely bolster sales even further.

The Verge notes that in their research flight sticks and other controllers aren’t available from manufacturers. Only resellers have them; in my quick scan of Amazon, Newegg, and Ebay, only Newegg has any units available. Flight sticks have historically been expensive, so it’s no surprise that availability is low. However we expected more availability in light of Flight Simulator’s release.

It’s hard to say whether flight stick makers expected the Covid environment to lower sales, or if they were unprepared. In any case, you can still pick up several great options over at Newegg. Just make sure it’s shipping from the right country. Otherwise you might be waiting up to a month to fly into Hurricane Laura.