Everyone is talking about it. It is absolutely all the rage at the moment for many PC Enthusiasts. Small Form Factor. Some know it as mini-ITX because of the motherboard form factor most commonly used in these cases. But what it really is, is condensing your high-end hardware into the smallest footprint possible.

Today, we’re taking a look at 10 of the coolest, and most awesome cases in no particular order. Are you ready?

Great then, lets dive right in!

Sliger SM550

Credit: Sliger

9.7 litres. That’s the entire volume of this little case. But it still has an amazing list of features. Mini-ITX motherboard support, Front panel support of USB 3.1 Type C, USB 3.0 Type A and dual audio jacks. It will fit air coolers up to 55mm or 92mm liquid cooling AIOs, such as the Asetek 645 LT.
The SM550 also fits dual slot GPUs up to a size of 305mm x 155mm. It sports support for SFX and SFX-L PSUs and has magnetic dust filters available.

If you want to know more, we encourage you to visit Sliger.

Nouvolo Steck

Credit: Nouvolo

This little treat will take up 315 x 142 x 196mm on your desk. It’s made of Aluminum and steel and has a volume of just 8.7 litres. There’s GPU support of 300mm in length and up to 43mm wide. With the Steck Stack, you can even get support for 240mm AIOs turning the Nouvolo Steck into a proper beast!


Credit: NZXT

NZXT… A name any gamer or enthusiast is already familiar with. Well they have decided to go all in with a SFF case. A volume that totals to 13.6 litres, makes this the largest case so far in our article but boy, does it look good!
The H1 comes bundled with a 140mm AIO and a 650W PSU. It will with up to 2.5 slot GPUs and has front panel USB-C.
The NZXT H1 promises to deliver a simple build experience, with pre-routed cables to avoid all the annoying clutter of Small Form Factor building.

Dan-Cases A4-SFX

Credit: Optimum Tech

By many regarded as the king of small form factor, or SFF, cases. This 7.2 litre… Yes… SEVEN…POINT…TWO! Case was in many ways the pioneer of ultra-sff cases, that retain their compatibility with most standard hardware. It will fit two slot GPU’s of up to 295mm in length, and has a dual-chamber thermal design, which seperates the heat between CPU and GPU. Using very slight modding it will also support liquid cooling by means of the 92mm Asetek 645LT.

Louqe Ghost S1

Credit: Louqe

Another tremendously popular SFF cases, that has played a defining role in how small form factor has been shaped over the years. With its cool modular “hats” the Ghost can transform into a bigger case that supports both liquid cooling AIOs as well as full custom loops. Featuring classic Scandinavian design, this case will support 240mm AIOs, SFX and SFX-L PSUs and GPU’s up to 305mm long and dual slot thick.

Honorable Mentions

As our list could go on and on, with super cool SFF, or Small form factor, cases we’ve decided to include a quick list of honorable mentions as well. They could easily have made the list!


Credit Ncase

Nouvolo Borg

Credit: Nouvolo

Thorzone Mjolnir

Credit: Thorzone

So, what are your thoughts? Have we missed any of the amazing SFF cases out there?
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