It’s the age of streaming. We all want to watch someone doing something. Or watching something. Unfortunately there’s nothing easy about streaming. It’s a pain in almost every way, especially with multiple devices like game consoles or secondary displays, mics…oy.

EVGA’s new XR1 Capture Card looks like the cure-all for that complexity. HDMI with up to 4K@60fps or 2K@120fps passthrough and 1080p recording in RAW, audio out and mic in for an easier recording session, and the option to connect multiple streams simultaneously with extra devices. All with a simple dial to adjust volume controls and the on-device RGB lighting.

Let’s talk really cool stuff. First is that this is all software-free: the XR1 works with OBS and is the first capture card that’s OBS certified. While I’m not the biggest fan of the app, it’s free and works really well (gosh they could use some designers though). So out of the box there are no extra fees, no difficult installations: just plug and play.

Next is it doesn’t only work to capture on-screen video and audio. Any recording device, like a camera, can connect via HDMI. So if you want to have a camera (or even your phone) easily connected to your computer to record on the PC rather than the camera directly, voila. That’s really excellent, especially because it’ll save time by not requiring on-device editing or data transfers.

Finally you can batch them together. Each new XR1 plugs into your PC and any additional video sources so everything is captured. So you can have a game streaming with two cameras on the player and the audience, or a head-to-head with both game streams and both players, or any combination.

I’m going to grab a few when they’re back in stock. Priced at $189, hopefully my RTX 3080 will mine enough bitcoin to pay it off soon.