The answer to our prayers. EVGA went to Twitter to confirm that the company will have thousands of RTX 3080 units available in the coming weeks.

Which, of course, is great news. NVIDIA already apologized last week, and retailers have struggled to keep up. We may see stock as early as this week, though EVGA confirmed to Tom’s Hardware that when the 3080 will be available is still unknown. So keep your eyes open for availability, but be ready for new stock to sell out instantly too. I couldn’t get a Zotac card thanks to 20,000 preorders, so except something similar here.

And as we just learned through a leak from Gigabyte, the current models expected to release this year may not be the ones you want. We’ll likely see a 3060 Super, 3070 Super, and 3080 Super with additional VRAM. So if you’re thinking of high-end 4K gaming that’ll last a few years, you may want to wait for a 3080 Super or something with more than 8GB of VRAM.