EVGA’s KINGPIN series is well known for going over the top. Pushing power limits harder with serious overclocking and performance. As Notebook Check points out, the RTX 2080 Ti KINGPIN easily outperformed other 2080 Ti models.

Which means the upcoming EVGA NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 KINGPIN…is going to be a beast. The company hasn’t said much yet; EVGA is still keeping release information under wraps, only displaying the lineup of GPUs. Pricing and availability is still unknown.

VideoCardz points out that the 3090 KINGPIN is rumored to have 23 different power stages. With three 8-pin connectors and an AIO water block (expected from Asetek; do official announcements), the site claims it’ll come with a 360mm radiator.

We don’t know yet if AIB units will have less power draw than the Founder’s Edition cards. NVIDIA’s release cards feature a 12-pin connector and can clock up to 370W, compared to 350W for all other models.

Either way, the RTX 3080 releases tomorrow, and the 3090 next week. Reviews of the 3080 are funneling out today, so keep your eyes (and wallet) open for those high-end GPUs.