We all want to know how well our GPU’s running. Especially when running some crazy game. I know I always want to know why my fans whir loudly. There are plenty of monitoring tools, but often they’re not great for visibility. Either you see them or the game. No in-between.

EVGA’s new Precision Game Bar is a widget for the Xbox Game Bar that changes that, and puts a serious spin on it: monitoring and performance control. Not only can you see how your GPU is performing, how hot it is, and how hard those fans are going; users can also adjust clock speed, memory clock, and fan speeds.

Overclocking on the fly, while mid-game!

We’ve seen similar tools, like Alienware’s Command CenterOne thing that sets Precision apart, even in the current beta, is setting transparency to the monitoring tool so you can keep an eye while you play.

The Precision Game Bar only works with EVGA cards, at least for now. Don’t worry if you don’t have an EVGA graphics card yet; they’re one of our partners, so we recommend their high-quality GPUs!