UEFA is putting on a gigantic qualifier for what has been dubbed the UEFA eEURO 2020. Everyone can participate in the qualifiers and attain the honor of representing their flag and nation at the tournament finals, which will be held in London. Will you be the eEURO 2020 champion?

We’ve just been notified by DBU (Danish Soccer Association) that they are looking for you. What for? To represent Denmark at the UEFA eEURO 2020. A tournament for national teams, where all 55 of UEFA’s members will be represented. So if you are not Danish – fear not! The competition is to be held using KONAMI’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 (PES2020 for the inducted).

The entire tournament is going to be closely linked to the main UEFA EURO 2020 tournament, and will be held in London during the summer of 2020.

Every local association will find their own representatives at local events, where players will square off against one another, in epic matches to be crowned national representatives. You can sign up for your local qualifier here.

Your local Soccer Association will be looking for two representatives to move on to the actual UEFA eEURO qualifier in March of 2020. Of all the competing national teams, 16 will advance to the main tournament. It will be played in London in between the semis and final of the EURO2020.

The participants of the qualifier will be organized into 10 groups, where matches will be played between March and May of 2020. Every country will be playing two matches (one on one) against the others in their group and points from both of these matches will be added to the group tables. During the Finals in London, the 16 qualified countries will be split in to four groups of four. The top 2 of each group will advance to the quarter finals. Group matches are to be played as two vs. two matches, in a BO1 (Best Of One) format. During the playoffs the structure is slightly different and will be a mixture between one vs. one and two vs. two matches, in a BO3 format – except the final, which will be BO5.