Don’t buy new GPUs right now; we’ll see new Ampere cards announced next week. CPUs are safe to buy, but now we’re learning that SSDs and RAM is another set worth waiting for. This time, it’s because of a very simple reason: oversupply.

According to DRAMExchange, the oversupply will continue through the end of the year. There’s just too much NAND right now, so expect prices to drop through 2020. The report indicates we’ll see 10-15% sequential price drops through the end of the year.

I’ve already seen some surprising deals on SSDs and RAM. A 500GB M.2 stick for $97 is a good deal, and that’s only a start. Expect some pretty good deals this Black Friday and holiday season.

That’s especially compelling since rumors of Ampere pricing will range from $400-$1400. Saving some cash, especially during COVID, obviously isn’t the worst idea. A new rig with either AMD Ryzen 3000 or Intel Tiger Lake, NVIDIA Ampere or Big Navi, and now low-cost SSDs and RAM? It’s a gamer’s dream come true. Coming this holiday season.

Right now I can use a few hours a day of Flight Simulator, and at 4K that’s going to require a pretty decent GPU, hopefully one of NVIDIA’s newest. So I’m looking forward to the news next week…and my family and friends can save some cash this holiday. By gifting me new DDR4 RAM and some 2TB SSDs.