With four weeks down in the very first CoolNation Masters tournament, the teams have seen plenty of action. Now 16 teams are set to advance to the playoffs which will be played in the BO3 game mode.

The Tournament has seen super close matches going into overtime, to find winners but also extra-ordinarily skilled teams managing that are out of this world.

Participating teams come from a wide variety of backgrounds – from company formed teams, over casual players who have formed their own teams to organized teams from independent boarding schools for lower secondary students. Therefore we see a great variety in players. Absolutely amazing!

Teams that are now set to move into the round of 16 will be playing on October 21. Quarterfinals will be played on a one per day basis, between October 24 and October 27. Finally the Semis are held on November 1 – 3. The finals will kick off at Asetek eSports Academy in the weekend of November 8.

Throughout the playoffs a professional caster will provide commentary for matches that are streamed by Asetek.

You can follow the action on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer

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