The CoolNation Masters has come full circle for its first season. 39 highly competent teams competed over the course of several weeks, until only two were left. Rydhave Efterskole faced off against DoubleG in Asetek eSports Academy.

Saturday was an amazing day at the Asetek eSports Academy. The CoolNation Masters final between Rydhave Efterskole and DoubleG turned into an absolute blast, with Rydhave rising victorious after 5 hours of gaming.

Team Rydhave Efterskole

Streaming to the Masses

CoolNation and Asetek brought in Danish Peter ‘Casle’ – former CSGO player gone caster and expert, to comment on the tournament finals. Viewers from around the World were able to follow on Twitch, Mixer and Youtube. All of which was shown live. Over the course of the day, more than 1400 people followed the first CoolNation Masters finals ever.

Peter ‘Casle’ – Caster on the CoolNation Masters by Asetek

One to Remember

Asetek and CoolNation spared no expense and brought both teams to Aalborg, with all expenses paid for two full days. Including a tour of Asetek’s headquarters by Technology Evangelist Dennis ‘AsetekDennis’ Hampe. After that, contestants had lots of questions about a company they did not know was in fact local to Denmark, with such a large global footprint. Similarly a few noted how interesting it was that they new brands such as ASUS, NZXT and EVGA – but not that Asetek made their liquid coolers.

High-end Hardware for All

On the day of the finals the teams played on Alienware Aurora R8 machines, with Intel i9-9900K (liquid cooled by Asetek) CPUs, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards and amazing Alienware 25″ 240hz GSync monitors. After playing on the machinery, the players were naturally excited to receive their prizes, which for the runners up included 240mm Asetek liquid cooling units. Equipped with NZXT Aer 2 fans, as well as various merchandise. The champions, Rydhave Efterskole, claimed bragging rights with their 3-1 victory. Additionally each player received their own EVGA RTX 2070 Super XC Hybrid (Liquid Cooled by Asetek) graphics card. 360mm Asetek AIO with NZXT Aer 2 fans and loads of merchandise.

Prize table

A Great Experience

Talking to Dennis ‘AsetekDennis’ Hampe about the tournament:

“Hosting this first CoolNation Masters tournament has been a great experience for us. We have had the opportunity to meet some truly astounding individuals. For instance, we’ve grown our network in gaming quite a bit. But above all it is an absolute pleasure to give players the opportunity to compete in a serious setting. Similarly we hope to be able to do this again, and continuously help gamers reach their peaks. For instance with liquid cooling to increase their performance, or with tournaments for the masses.”

Finally we encourage you to stay tuned here on CoolNation as we will be bringing many new additions in the coming months.

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