AMD just won’t quit. The CPU and GPU maker’s Executive Vice President of Computing and Graphics, Rick Bergman shared that Zen 3 processors are coming this year. The next generation of processors will still follow the 7nm architecture of the current Zen 2 chips, and this release will likely focus on mobile processors.

Even with that possibility, AMD’s pace is the real story here. The chipmaker is beating down goliath Intel almost every step of the way. AMD is stopping at nothing to iterate and grow. Of course, Bergman intentionally didn’t mention what chips will actually release with Zen 3 this year.

Keep in mind a few things. AMD is making the CPUs and GPUs for this holiday’s game consoles, the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. This year AMD released the Zen 2 desktop CPUs, which have been a huge critical and commercial success. The RX 5000 and 5000X series of GPUs has also been hugely successful, and even if NVIDIA still owns the enthusiast market (for now). And AMD has iterated on the Zen 3 chips with the Ryzen XT series, dropping prices of original Zen 3 CPUs by upwards of 25%.

This news isn’t about CPUs. It’s a battle cry. AMD is here to own. Intel, AMD caught you with your pants down. AMD has no interest in letting Intel win in a few years, like the company did after the Athlon 64.

Originally reported by Tom’s Hardware