Without so much as a peep, AMD released the Radeon RX 5300. This entry-level GPU is made from last-gen’s RDNA architecture and has a relatively paltry 3GB of GDDR6 memory and matches the RX 5500 XT in compute units.

In general the RX 5300 is a decent-performance graphics card, just intended for anyone gaming at 1080p levels or lower. AMD touts the card as a better performance option than the NVIDIA GTX 1650, which retails for $149. The 5300 is expected to retail for $129.

I say expected because even though AMD listed the card as available, I can’t find it anywhere. No retailer seems to have any units available. It’s possible that AMD released and revealed it to suppliers at the same time, so they haven’t had a chance yet to stock up. Whatever the case, AMD may yet win the battle for the low-end…but we’ll have to see their answer to Ampere.

Originally reported by WCCF Tech