Leave it to the Japanese to recognize and take advantage of a good thing. It took only hours for AMD’s full stock of Ryzen 4000G APUs to sell out by retailers. And according to PC Watch, some stores ran out of units within the first hour with customers lined up waiting to make their purchase.

The top-end models were the best sellers too. The Ryzen 7 4750G and Ryzen 5 4650G are the most desired. The Ryzen 3 4350G also sold out.

This is huge for AMD, but more importantly for the future of APUs. The Japanese market is an interesting one, where local game companies like Sony and Nintendo have deep ownership. PC gaming is big in the country, yet prices (along with high taxes) make it difficult to enjoy affordably. With the Ryzen APUs capable of running games like Death Stranding on high quality, and at only $415 in Japan, high demand is assured.

According to WCCF Tech, B550 motherboard sales also increased, especially mini-ITX and mATX models. I bet that DIY gamers are far more interested in a PC than today’s gaming consoles, or even this holiday’s next-gen consoles. Japan has historically been an “old games” market, where gamers appreciate excellent older titles and aren’t always clamoring for the latest. The option to build a powerful gaming PC that can run tens of thousands of older games is tantalizing. Especially at a low cost.

The surge in PC components sales will likely bolster the PC gaming market in Japan. I’d love to know if there’s a spike in emulator website downloads, both for games and emulators themselves. With so many stuck at home thanks to Covid, it’s a great time to catch up on old games.