As if we needed a look back at 2019 this early, a new survey with details released by PassMark reveals that AMD has hit 40% of CPU market share. Obviously the report only works for buyers who have either used PassMark, an industry-standard benchmarking tool, but it does show a very precise count of active CPUs based on ownership and use rather than purchases.

It doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, especially with AMD’s competitive pricing and major power difference in many cases. It doesn’t help that the chipmaker is using a 7nm process while Intel is still at 14nm. We’ve already seen nearly every major PC maker and including Asetek’s own SIs offer both Intel and AMD options for their machines, and you can take a look at anyone from Dell to iBuyPower to see that the difference in processor options are definitely skewed towards AMD.

In a good way.

As we saw back in the Athlon 64 days, it’s more than possible that the behemoth Intel will come back strong, using its massive financial muscle for any number of things, including discrete graphics and dropping their chip size down to 1.4nm by 2029. In the meantime, AMD is experiencing tremendous success and the highest stock price in the company’s history.

The reality is more likely than not that AMD doesn’t have 40% of total market share, but the increased growth means it may be well on the way to dominating the CPU market this year, and possibly beyond that. No matter where your loyalties lie, Asetek has you covered with awesome cooling options, especially if you’re a recent buyer of the Ryzen 9 3950X.

Originally reported by WCCF Tech