So far this year we’ve learned about a handful of new GPUs expected from both AMD and NVidia at both the mid-range. Now rumors of the high end are flying wild. AMD’s CEO Dr Lisa Su mentioned during CES that we’ll see Big Navi coming in 2020, and now rumors of the top performing card are looking sharp. Very, very sharp.

According to a post found on ChipHell (reported by Guru3D, as found and additionally reported on by HotHardware…credit where credit’s due), the new top-of-the-line videocard from AMD will boast a whopping 80 CU’s (compute units) offering theoretically double the performance of the Radeon RX 5700 XT. See the original post below.

The original post from ChipHell

That sort of performance boost would be huge for AMD, which has stagnated in the high-end GPU market. NVidia has owned it since 2018 with the GTX 2080 Ti, which is still the top-tiered gaming card to date. Take it with a serious grain of salt, of course, but considering that AMD will likely not release the new card for at least a few months, we think the report is plausible.

Which is great if true, because AMD’s been missing the 4K gaming market as of late. While the 5600 XT is meant to be the “Ultimate” 1080p graphics card and the 5700 XT boasts the same for 1440p, those of us with even more pixels need the computing power to accommodate our higher-def needs.