Shawn and I loved the Alienware Aurora R9. His Lunar White rig with the NVIDIA 2080Ti and AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is an absolute monster. Mine in Dark Side of the Moon black, the i9-9900K, and 2070 Super is a beast too.

So when Alienware officially announced the new Aurora R11, both our jaws dropped. This thing keeps the same slim form factor with two major changes: the latest 10-generation Comet Lake CPUs from Intel, and an option for liquid cooling…your GPU!

Asetek partnered with Alienware to design a PCIe-housed liquid cooling unit for the videocard. Currently Alienware is offering it specifically for the RTX 2080 Super. Considering how powerful the 2070 is while overclocked in the air-cooled R9, I’m excited to see how far the 2080 can go.

According to Alienware, the 2080 Super with liquid cooling is 69% quieter and reduces thermals by up to 20%. The liquid cooling unit sits right under the 2080, and a single tube connects between the two. It’s very clean, perfect for gaming at home or if you’re planning a pandemic-LAN party. (But seriously don’t do that.)

We’ll have a unit in to show off pretty soon. In the meantime, play around with Alienware’s customizer.